AD diverse Schempp-Hirth zweefvliegtuigen

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AD diverse Schempp-Hirth zweefvliegtuigen

Bericht door Jan Ritsma » 06 nov 2020, 17:24

Janus Sailplanes
Mini Nimbus
Mini Nimbus HS7
Nimbus-2/-3 Sailplanes
Nimbus-2M Powered Sailplanes
Standard Cirrus
Standard Cirrus
Standard Cirrus B
Standard Cirrus CS 11-75 L

During an aero tow of a Standard Cirrus, the pendulum elevator disconnected. The technical
investigation concluded that the elevator attachment was not properly locked. Due to similarity of
design, this kind of event could also occur on other Schempp-Hirth sailplanes, including Nimbus-2M
powered sailplanes.
This condition, if not corrected, could lead to failure of the elevator connection and loss of control
of the (powered) sailplane.
To address this potential unsafe condition, Schempp-Hirth published the TN, providing instructions
to install an optical indicator and to update the aircraft flight manual (AFM).
For the reasons described above, this AD requires installation of an optical indicator and
amendment of the AFM. ... D_20-176_1

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