AD DuoDiscus (Schempp-Hirth)

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AD DuoDiscus (Schempp-Hirth)

Bericht door Webmaster » 27 sep 2020, 13:06 ... 20-119R1_1

Occurrences were reported of experiencing jerky extension of the airbrakes at very high air speeds, in some cases of which the airbrake blades interlocked. An increasing number of age-related damage was observed on a specific version (22 mm plastic bushes) of the airbrake end-stops.

This condition, if not corrected, could lead to blockage of the airbrakes, possibly resulting in reduced control of the (powered) sailplane.

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Re: AD DuoDiscus (Schempp-Hirth)

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Flight Controls – Airbrake End Stops / Bushings – Inspection / Replacement


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