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Dodelijk ongeval DuoDiscus, mogelijk door zuurstofgebrek

Geplaatst: 20 jan 2019, 08:58
door Jan Ritsma
Een ongeval dat doet denken aan dat van Max Leenders en Bart Renckens bij El Mirador in ZuidAfrika.
Alleen loopt dit ongeval minder goed af.
September 2, 2018, New Washoe City, Nev.

Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus XLT

The motorized glider experienced an in-flight breakup at about 1335
Pacific time while maneuvering. The two private pilots sustained fatal
injuries and the glider was destroyed. Visual conditions prevailed.

The glider and its tow plane departed at 1258, and the glider was
released at 8000 feet MSL. Both it and several other gliders flying in
the vicinity were equipped with “FLARM” traffic awareness and collision
avoidance systems, and at least one of them recorded a series of
intermittent track positions of the accident glider. According to this
data, the accident glider reached about 10,500 feet MSL, then proceeded
eastward while performing a series of climbing turns. The last position
was recorded at 1333, at about 14,500 feet. Paraglider pilots preparing
to launch from a nearby mountain observed the accident glider perform a
series of aggressive looping maneuvers. During the final loop, witnesses
heard a high-pitched whistling/vibrating sound as the glider’s wings
flexed upward such that the tips almost touched each other. One of the
wings then broke off, followed by a large “cracking” sound, and the sky
was filled with confetti-like pieces of white debris.
Een voorlopig raport van de NTSB vindt u hier

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Re: Dodelijk ongeval DuoDiscus, mogelijk door zuurstofgebrek

Geplaatst: 22 jan 2019, 12:16
door fixalot79
waarom nu weer namen noemen ? een linkje naar het andere ongeval was voldoende.

Re: Dodelijk ongeval DuoDiscus, mogelijk door zuurstofgebrek

Geplaatst: 22 jan 2019, 13:04
door pietjebel
Misschien was het wel een afgebroken hoogteroer pen.... :stress: