Sebastian Kawa kortstondig in ziekenhuis

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Sebastian Kawa kortstondig in ziekenhuis

Bericht door Jan Ritsma » 25 dec 2019, 13:23

From tvn24, translated with Google:

Glider pilot and multiple world champion Sebastian Kawa was hospitalized after an accident during a competition in Italy. - Sebastian is feeling well and left the hospital at his own request - his father Tomasz Kawa informed on TVN24. The pilot's father explained that the bad weather on the Apennine Peninsula had contributed to the accident. It is about the storms occurring there, which impede visibility during glider flight. - Storms closed Sebastian over an area where there are no landing places - he said. "It threw him into the air high over a dozen meters" - The glider has calculated emergency or accidental landings, but it was a very unfavorable system. Sebastian happily spotted a piece of grass-covered slope, but when he came in contact with the ground, and you need to land at an increased speed, about 130 kilometers per hour, he hit a kind of threshold on an aircraft carrier, threw him into the air a dozen meters high (... ) was in a vertical configuration, at an angle of about fifty degrees and hung without speed - he explained. - Luckily, this glider dropped symmetrically, but with such energy that the landing gear broke down, the hull was also damaged, the pilot was affected by the appropriate forces, but the athletic, young body somehow endured it and it's ok - he added. As Tomasz Kawa said, medical aid "had no chance" to get to the scene of the accident. The glider and pilot were downloaded by themselves, and then Kawa went to the hospital. Multiple world champion in gliding 46-year-old Sebastian Kawa is the most successful pilot in history. He has a dozen or so world championship titles, as well as, among others, two gold of the World Aviation Games and seven European championship titles. Author: mjz // kg / Source: tvn24 (

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